Baklava 1.03


A Sprite Toolkit for Java Applets

The Baklava source code is free for all uses, commercial and otherwise. Please give credit where credit is due.


Baklava is open-source, free software,, with complete source code included in the distribution you download!

Version 1.03, released 2007-08-20, fixed a bug which prevented the mouseDrag method of the Sprite class from working properly. It's been a long time but apparently some of you are still finding Baklava useful!

Version 1.02, released 2003-12-17, exposes the getImageMask method of the Playfield class as a public method. To prevent unwanted delays when collisions with a particular image take place for the first time, call getImageMask(image) on the playfield object to precache the collision mask for that image. We suggest doing this just after you have completely fetched your images.