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World Wide Web Technology

CGI Programming in C and Perl

By Thomas Boutell. CGI Programming C and Perl is a thorough exploration of CGI programming. The author presents complete source code for many CGI programs in both programming languages. Written by Thomas Boutell, President of Boutell.Com, this book is somewhat dated but still an excellent introduction to the subject in our highly biased opinion! This is not an introduction to C or Perl. If you don't know a programming language yet, see the books below.

Learning Perl

By Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, and Larry Wall. Learning Perl is the definitive introduction to the Perl programming language, covering both beginning and advanced concepts. This book is a well-paced tutorial, intended to complement the reference work Programming Perl. No web developer should be without Perl, and no would-be Perl programmer should be without this book.

Programming Perl

By Larry Wall, Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, and Stephen Potter. Programming Perl is a complete reference guide and specification of the Perl programming language, including regular expressions, flow control, objects, built-in functions, and the standard modules. Strongly recommended for all Perl programmers, and especially for experienced Perl programmers wanting to improve their Perl 5 knowledge.

Perl Cookbook

By Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington. The Perl Cookbook provides a fantastic set of Perl examples, capable of performing many different tasks. Examples include creating nested data structures (hashes of hashes), data structures that "persist" on disk instead of going away when the program exits, and a complete Perl-based replacement for the "grep" file searching command. Highly recommended to all Perl programmers, especially those wanting to perform practical tasks without "reinventing the wheel."

Official Guide to Programming With

By Lincoln Stein. Any serious Perl CGI programmer eventually discovers the glories of, Lincoln Stein's Perl 5 module for developing CGI programs with a minimum of effort. This book is the definitive guide to the module and its many features, including easy form creation, "persistent" form fields and file upload support.