WWW FAQ: Batch-Mode "Browsers"

Batch-Mode "Browsers"

The following browsers retrieve the contents of the URL specified on the command line and are intended primarily for use in scripts. Note that most of the text-based Unix browsers can also do this.

Batch mode browser
A batch-mode "browser", url_get, which is available through the URL http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~zippy/url_get.html . It can be retrieved via anonymous FTP to ftp.cc.utexas.edu, as the file /pub/zippy/url_get.tar.Z. This package is intended for use in cron jobs and other settings in which fetching a page in a command-line fashion is useful.
Batch mode browser in tclX
A batch mode "browser" (URL retriever) written in extended Tcl (tclX) is available as well (URL is <URL:http://hplyot.obspm.fr/~dl/wwwtools.html> ).

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