WWW FAQ: Are there books about the web?

Are there books about the web?

Yes, quite a few. A sampling of the available books in several categories follows. New entries are solicited. Please include ISBN numbers and/or ordering information.

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General WWW Topics

World Wide Web: Beneath the Surf
From UCL Press. By Mark Handley and Jon Crowcroft. A look at the technologies that underly the World Wide Web. The authors have taken the unusual step of making the entire book available online <URL:http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/jon/book/book.html>. ISBN: 1-85728-435-6.
The World Wide Web Handbook
From International Thomson Computer Press. 350 pages. Covers getting connected to the web, designing HTML pages, and establishing a web server. Includes additional material on SGML and information regarding HTML 3.0. GBP 26.50. ISBN: 1-850-32205-8.
The Mosaic Handbook (Mac, Windows and X editions)
From O'Reilly. A short, sweet guide to the World Wide Web from a Mosaic user's perspective. Mac and Windows versions Include Enhanced NCSA Mosaic on floppy disk; the X Window System version includes NCSA Mosaic on CD-ROM. Telnet or gopher to gopher.ora.com (log in as gopher) or find details on the web ( Mac: <URL:http://www.ora.com/gnn/bus/ora/item/mosmac.html>, Windows: <URL:http://www.ora.com/gnn/bus/ora/item/moswin.html>, and X Window System <URL:http://www.ora.com/gnn/bus/ora/item/mosx.html>). Wherever books with arcane fauna on the cover are sold.
Using the World Wide Web
From Que. Ed. by Que Development Group. ISBN: 0-7897-0016-6.
The World Wide Web Unleashed
From Sams Publishing. By John December and Neil Randall. Additional chapters contributed by others, including myself. Covers both user and provider issues. Recently updated. Supporting pages available on the web (URL is http://www.rpi.edu/~decemj/works/wwwu.html ). 1057 pages. ISBN: 0-672-30617-4. Call 1-800-428-5331 or +1-317-581-3500 for ordering information.

HTML Publishing

Do-It-Yourself Web Publishing with Word
From Sybex. By Asha Dornfest. This book covers how to use Microsoft Word for Windows and the Microsoft Internet Assistant to create HTML pages. ISBN: 0-7821-1807-0. More information is available on the Web. <URL:http://www.dnai.com/~asha/webpub.htm>
Spinning the Web: How to Provide Information on the Internet
From Van Nostrand Reinhold. By Andrew Ford. Oriented toward those with an interest in putting their data on the web. ISBN: 1-850-32141-8 (New York), 0-442-01962-9 (London).
Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week
From Sams Publishing. By Laura Lemay. Also oriented toward those who plan to publish materials on the web. ISBN: 0-672-30667-0. 400 pages. Includes information on setting up servers and handling forms results as well as HTML writing and editing. (URL is: http://www.lne.com/Web/Books ) Call 1-800-428-5331 or +1-317-581-3500 for ordering information.
The HTML Manual of Style
From Ziff-Davis Press. By Larry Aronson. Chapters: introduction to the WWW, the HTML language, writing HTML documents, and HTML examples. 120 pages. Available in December 1994.
HTML Web Publisher's Construction Kit
From Waite Group Press. $36.95. 700 pages. By David Fox and Troy Downing. Covers the proposed HTML 3.0 standard, CGI programming, server setup, and browser and editor issues. CD included. For more information, see <URL:http://found.cs.nyu.edu/downing/htmlbook.html>.
The HTML Sourcebook
From John Wiley and Sons. 411 pages. By Ian S. Graham. Contains a detailed description of HTML 2.0, including allowed element nestings, as well as descriptions of many HTML 3.0 features. There are also chapters on CGI and the HTTP protocol, complete with examples, and chapters discussing browsers, editors, servers and archive sites containing useful CGI programs and Web development tools. A review can be found at <URL:http://mirror.wwa.com/mirror/reviews/books/95/htmlsb.htm> . ISBN: 0-471-11849-4.
HTML and CGI Unleashed
From Sams Publishing. By John December and Mark Ginsburg. $49.99. 830 pages. Includes CD-ROM. covers the complete life cycle of web development: planning, analysis, design, and HTML implementation and gateway programming using Perl, REXX, and C. ISBN: 0-672-30745-6. <URL:http://www.rpi.edu/~decemj/works/hcu.html>
Foundations of World Wide Web Programming with HTML and CGI
From IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. By Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, Sebastian Hassinger, and Mike Erwin. ISBN: 1-56884-703-3.
HTML Reference Card
From SSC. 16-panel reference card. Covers basic and advanced HTML tags. $4.50. ISBN: 0-916151-79-4.
HTML Pocket Reference Card
From Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. 16-page reference foldout. $4.50. Covers HTML, URLs and related topics. ISBN 0-916151-79-4.
How to Publish on the Internet
From Warner Books. 275 pages. By Andrew Fry and David Paul. $17.95. Includes SPRY Mosaic software. A guide to publishing on the Web: HTML, graphics, style, strategies for maximizing audience by building information communities. Online "Next Chapter" includes an excerpt, New Tools review, links to Web publishing resources (URL is <URL:http://pathfinder.com/twep/Features/How_Pub_Web/How_Pub_Web.html> ). ISBN 0-446-67179-7.
HTML Authoring for Fun and Profit
From Prentice Hall. By Mary Morris. A step-by-step HTML tutorial, including an introduction to CGI. The table of contents and preface are available on the web <URL:http://www.sun.com/cgi-bin/show?smi/ssoftpress/books/Morris/Morris.html>. ISBN: 0-13-359290-1.

Server Administration

How to Set Up and Maintain a World Wide Website: The Guide for Information Providers
From Addison-Wesley. By Lincoln Stein. 469 pages. Covers all aspects of setting up a web server and publishing information on the Internet. ISBN: 0-201-63389-2.
Managing Internet Information Services
From O'Reilly and Associates. By Cricket Liu, Jerry Peek, Russ Jones, Bryan Buus & Adrian Nye. A good choice for those who will be installing and maintaining WWW servers; also includes documentation on HTML, imagemaps and the like. Also covers other types of Internet services. See <URL:http://www.ora.com/gnn/bus/ora/features/miis/index.html> for more information.
Configuring and Troubleshooting Your Web Server
From Prentice Hall. By Geoff Galitz and Mary Bennion. This book covers the configuration of several common Unix web servers in detail. Coverage of CGI and other issues is also provided. ISBN: 0-13-459405-3.
The Web Server Book
From Ventana Press. $49.95. 650 pages. By Jonathan Magid, R. Douglas Matthews, and Paul Jones (the sunsite.unc.edu team). A guide to creating a Web Server under Unix. Including server software, security, HTML, conversion, verification, graphics and multimedia, searching and indexing, forms, CGI, and next-generation developments. Includes CD-ROM with Linux, Netscape, and source and binaries for common UNIX platforms to all the tools discussed. Sample chapter, updates, and special order price available at <URL:http://www.vmedia.com/wsb.html>. ISBN: 1-56604-234-8.
Running a Perfect Website
From Que. 457 pages. By David M. Chandler. A complete guide to setting up a Web server, including hardware/communications issues, HTML, forms, CGI scripts, and server-side includes. Includes a CD containing Windows HTTPD, NCSA httpd for Unix, HTML authoring tools, and dozens of SLIP utilities. ISBN 0-7897-0210-X. Read more about it at <URL:http://www.netins.net/showcase/chandler/book.htm>.

CGI Programming

CGI Programming in C and Perl
From Addison-Wesley Developers Press. By Thomas Boutell, author of the WWW FAQ. 375 pages. This book presents each sample program in both C and Perl and provides a full discussion of CGI, including issues such as generating graphics on the fly with the gd library. The cgi-lib and cgic libraries for easy CGI programming are emphasized. Reference manuals for cgic and gd are included. Available April 23rd, 1996. <URL:http://www.boutell.com/cgibook/> ISBN: 0-201-93329-2.
Introduction to CGI/Perl: Getting Started with Web Scripts
From M&T Books. By Steven E. Brenner and Edwin Aoki. 176 pages. A guide to creating interactive forms and dynamic content for the World Wide Web. Begining with a review of the communications technologies required to present an HTML page from either a static file or a script, the book goes on to introduce the essentials of the Perl language and the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and then covers forms and the more advanced multi-part "comboforms." An online appendix is available on the web. <URL:http://www.mispress.com/introcgi/> ISBN:1-55851-478-3.
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web
From O'Reilly. 375 pages. By Shishir Gundavaram. A guide to CGI programming. "This book offers a comprehensive explanation of CGI and related techniques. It starts at the beginning, explaining the value of CGI and how it works, then moves swiftly into the subtle details of programming." Example programs are written in Perl (at least those available on the website). A sample chapter is available on the web. <URL:http://www.ora.com/info/cgi/> ISBN: 1-56592-183-6.

Java Programming

Hooked on Java
From Addison-Wesley. By Arthur van Hoff, Sami Shaio, and Orca Starbuck of Sun Microsystems, Inc. 181 pages. The people who created Java explain its advantages and present the language and how to use existing applets to improve web pages. <URL:http://www.aw.com/devpress/java/javasamp.html> ISBN 0-201-48837-X.
Presenting Java
From Sams Publishing. By John December. $25. 207 pages. This book presents Java's technical features, how Java works with the Web, examples of Java applications, how to use the HotJava browser, and the basics of the Java language, programming design, and implementation. ISBN: 1-575-21039-8. <URL:http://www.rpi.edu/~decemj/works/java.html>

Books about Browsers

Using Netscape
From QUE. 350 pages. A user's guide to Netscape, including information on how to search the web and a disk containing Netscape itself. By Warren Ernst. ISBN: 0-7897-0211-8. $19.99 US. "Your Internet discount price: $15.99."
The Internet via Mosaic and World-Wide Web
From Ziff-Davis Press. By Steve Browne. Details on obtaining Mosaic and Trumpet Winsock, getting it all set up, and what to do with it once it works. A chapter of interesting sites on the Web as well. ISBN: 1-56276-259-1.
MOSAIC Quick Tour
From Ventana Press. By Gareth Branwyn. A good guide to installing and using NCSA Mosaic under Windows. Includes basic HTML and trouble-shooting chapters. "More hand-holding than the FAQ and gives lots of details." - Mari J. Stoddard
Hands-On Mosaic: A Guide for Window Users
From Prentice Hall. By Dr. David Sachs & Henry Stair. ISBN: 0-13-172321-9.
NCSA Mosaic Handbook
From Prentice Hall. By Amy K. Kreiling & Frank Baker. Jan 1995. ISBN: 0-13-196692-8.
Plug-n-Play Mosaic for Windows
From Sams. By Angela Gunn. ISBN 0-672-30627-1. 300 pages. Disks include a special version of Enhanced NCSA Mosaic for Windows with built-in TCP/IP Winsock and dialer, and an automated configuration program (hence "plug-n-play"). The book is an introduction to Mosaic and the Web with some coverage of creating a home page and HTML and, of course, the obligatory directory of Websites.
Using Mosaic
From Que. Ed. by Que Development Group. ISBN: 0-7897-0021-2. Covers NCSA Mosaic for Windows and the Macintosh.
Mosaic User's Guide
From MIS Press. By Bryan Pfaffenberger. ISBN: 1-55828-409-5.
Using Mosaic for Windows
From Electric Avenue Press. By Stephen Gauer. ISBN: 0-969-8853-0-X.

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