WWW FAQ: MSDOS and Novell Netware Servers

MSDOS and Novell Netware Servers

NetWare Web Server
The NetWare Web Server, from Novell, offers a way to turn any NetWare server into a World Wide Web server. Support for a NetWare-style variation of CGI called R-CGI and for the execution of scripts on remote Unix machines distinguish this server. See Novell's home page for more information. <URL:http://www.novell.com/>
KA9Q NOS (nos11c.exe) is a internet server package for DOS that includes HTTP and Gopher servers. It is a useful way to turn even an older machine into a useful Internet appliance. It can be obtained via anonymous FTP from one of the following sites:
GLACI-HTTPD is a Netware Loadable Module which allows a Novell NetWare server to become a World Wide Web server (URL is http://www.glaci.com/info/glaci-httpd.html ).
WonLoo Telenologies NLM
WonLoo Telenologies also offers a Netware Loadable Module which permits a Novell Netware server to act as a web server. <URL:http://www.wonloo.com/>
The Major BBS
Galacticomm's Major BBS software now has an Internet Connectivity Option that adds web server capabilities (URL is <URL:http://www.gcomm.com/> ).

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