WWW FAQ: How can I make my website searchable by the user?

How can I make my website searchable by the user?

Both free and commercial tools are available for this task. A brief list of such tools follows. Thanks to John K. Hinsdale for contributing the original list.

Free Website Search Engines

The well-known freeWAIS-sf engine offers an HTTP front end, sf-gate, with which users can explore indexed documents on your site. <URL:http://ls6-www.informatik.uni-dortmund.de/freeWAIS-sf/freeWAIS-sf.html>
From the University of Arizona, the glimpse engine can be used to easily search large numbers of HTML documents. <URL:http://glimpse.cs.arizona.edu:1994/index.html>
Harvest, from the University of Colorado, is a powerful but somewhat complex information search and replication system. Used properly, Harvest can be a powerful tool to distribute your documents. <URL:http://harvest.cs.colorado.edu>

Commercial Search Engines (Some Available Free)

From Alma Mater Software. An off-the-shelf indexer for SunOS machines. Includes web-based forms. <URL:http://www.alma.com/>
From ArchiText, Excite is expressly designed to add straightforward searching capabilities to existing websites. <URL:http://www.excite.com/navigate>
From Verity, Inc. Topic indexes documents in a high-level fashion by "concept." <URL:http://www.verity.com/>
From America Online, WAIS is a modern commercial verison of the original WAIS system, one of the first indexing systems of this type. <URL:http://www.wais.com/>

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