WWW FAQ: IBM OS/2 Web Servers

IBM OS/2 Web Servers

While OS/2 can take advantage of most Windows software, native OS/2 web servers perform better in the OS/2 environment.

In addition to consulting the list of servers below, be sure to check out Don Meyer's excellent HTTPD for OS/2 page <URL:http://w3.ag.uiuc.edu/DLM/HTTPDforOS2.html>, which provided much of the information for the latest update of this section.

goserve for OS/2
goserve (URL is <URL:http://www2.hursley.ibm.com/goserve/> ) is a one-piece World Wide Web and Gopher for OS/2. Designed for ease of installation.
An OS/2 server based on NCSA's Unix HTTPD, ported by Frankie Fan. See the home page (URL is ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/kf/kfan/overview.html ) for details, or fetch the package by anonymous FTP from ftp.netcom.com in the directory pub/kf/kfan.
IBM Internet Connection Server for OS/2
The IBM Internet Connection Server is a commercial product, and requires the High Performance File System (HPFS). <URL:http://www.raleigh.ibm.com/ics/icsover.html#servers>
OS2WWW is a shareware server for OS/2. OS2WWW, like OS2HTTPD, is a port of the NCSA Unix HTTPD. However, OS2WWW has been rewritten to take advantage of OS/2 "threads" instead of creating a new process for every new connection, and performance should be better than that of OS2WWW. <URL:http://w3.ag.uiuc.edu/DLM/HTTPDforOS2.shtml#OS2WWW>
Apache for OS/2
A port of the popular freeware Apache server for Unix, Apache for OS/2 offers many of the same features. <URL:http://www.slink.com/ApacheOS2/>
W3 HTTPD with Proxy Support
An OS/2 port of the W3 Consortium HTTPD server (originally developed by CERN) is now available for OS/2. This is currently the only OS/2 server capable to serve as a proxy. <URL:http://w3.ag.uiuc.edu/DLM/HTTPDforOS2.shtml#CERN>

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