Greasemonkey Scripts From Boutell.Com, Inc.

"What is Greasemonkey?"

Greasemonkey is a Firefox web browser extension that makes it easy to add new features to Firefox in a hurry. For instance, greasemonkey can be used to turn all URLs in web pages into links, or to remove obnoxious background images from a particular site, or most anything else that can be accomplished by modifying the content of the page you're looking at. Anyone can write a Greasemonkey "user script" and distribute it for others to use. For more information, see the greasemonkey home page.

Our Greasemonkey Scripts

ljwho 0.21

Our first Greasemonkey script is ljwho. ljwho is a convenience for LiveJournal users.

ljwho displays the letters "RN" in red next to every LiveJournal username. Click on "RN" to tell ljwho the real name of the user.

"RN" turns green, and now you see the user's real name whenever you move the mouse over their username. Very handy for those of us who can't keep track of all those clever secret aliases our friends insist upon using.

"Is this safe?" Yes. The privacy of your friends is not in danger. The real-name data is stored entirely on your own drive in ljwho's private storage. Boutell.Com does not receive any private information from you when you run this script.

"What's new in ljwho?"

Version 0.21 supports more than one "_" in a username.

Version 0.2 adds support for adding real names to syndicated feeds and communities, allows usernames with underscores, and does not display unnecessary extra "RN"s next to usericons and various other extra links. I solved this by displaying "RN" only when the link actually contains the username as text. Please let me know if there are LJ styles in which this messes things up by giving you no "RN" at all for some or all users on your friends page. I've done some testing and so far, so good.

"How do I install or upgrade it?" Follow these steps:

1. Get the Firefox web browser. Only Firefox supports Greasemonkey. And it's superior in many other ways. ljwho has only been tested with Firefox 2.0. Newer versions should work, older versions might. If in doubt, upgrade.

2. Visit the GreaseMonkey page and follow their instructions to install Greasemonkey.

3. Click here to download ljwho. You will see a dialog box inviting you to install the script, show the script source, or cancel. Click "Install" (you will have to wait a few seconds for the "Install" button to become available). Upgrading users: this is the right procedure for you, too.

4. Visit your LiveJournal friends page. You'll see the red "RN" logo to the right of all user names. Click the logo and type in the real name of a user, then click OK.

The logo turns green, and mousing over the username or the RN logo displays their real name. Now do it for the rest of your LJ friends. You're all set!

"How do I delete a real name?" Click on the "RN" logo for that user, delete whatever text is in the real name field, and click "OK." Do not click "Cancel," Cancel does not change your current setting.

"How do I uninstall ljwho?"

1. Follow these steps in the Firefox menus:

Tools -> GreaseMonkey -> Manage User Scripts

2. Select "ljwho" from the list of scripts at left

3. Click the "Uninstall" button near the bottom of the dialog box.

And that's all there is to it. Enjoy ljwho!