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The World-Wide Web FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions)

By Tom Boutell. This document is available from many sites, and in several languages. Please use the site closest to you in the language of your choice. This FAQ consists of many files. By popular request, it is now available as an MSDOS .ZIP file, as a Unix compressed .tar file, and as a single, large text file.

CGI Programming in C & Perl

By Tom Boutell. This book features C and Perl 5 source code.

Programming 101 By Way Of Java

Learn Java even if you've never programmed before! These are the complete transcripts of an online class taught by Tom Boutell between late 1996 and early 1997.

The moderated Usenet newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce

Moderated by Kate McDonnell. Please read the newsgroup and its charter FAQ before posting or sending mail to the moderator.

A hypertext reference to the charters and newsgroups lines of all fifteen Web newsgroups

The document also lists the defunct Web newsgroups that should no longer be used.

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