As the author of the WWW FAQ, I regularly answer questions about the workings of the Web. If a question is frequently asked, I simply add an article to the FAQ. But sometimes a question is more detailed, more in-depth, or just offbeat— not really a FAQ, but still of interest to others. You'll find those questions, with my answers, here in Innards along with commentary on other web-technology-related topics.

2010-12-22: What domain name should I register for a church organization?
2009-12-10: What is the URL of my website's logo?
2009-10-11: All of my Facebook apps are cut off around the edges. How do I fix it?
2009-10-11: Can I delete my work from my client's website?
2009-08-06: I paid for my site to be on Google. Will it expire if I don't pay again?
2009-06-15: What is the difference between and
2009-01-02: Is there a YouTube for audio files?
2008-08-14: Can I render very, very large images with gd?
2008-08-05: What is the right business relationship between me and my web designer?
2008-08-05: How do I test web applications without a web server?
2008-06-14: Can my boss see what I'm doing when I surf the net on a work laptop?
2008-05-21: Will Google steal my blog?
2008-01-28: Why do I get a file not found error when I access a .flv file on my site?
2008-01-09: Does my ex-boyfriend have access to my computer?
2007-12-24: Authoritative DNS Servers and Hosting at Home
2007-12-24: Can a web site charge me even though I never provided a credit card?
2007-12-23: How many sites can fit on a single server?
2007-12-13: What audio and video formats are "standard equipment" on the web?
2007-12-05: Can a nonprofit organization register a .com or .net domain name?
2007-12-05: How do dynamic web sites work?
2007-11-17: Why are my navigation links broken?
2007-10-26: XENU linkchecker software: why does it hate Wikipedia?
2007-09-28: What makes a web site public?
2007-09-18: How do I add a header and footer to each printed page of my HTML document?
2007-08-17: How do I play a sound only on the first mouseover?
2007-08-06: Where does the work get done in a web application?
2007-07-25: Don't specify an empty value for the width attribute
2007-06-28: Does the length of the cord from my modem to my computer matter?
2007-06-28: My Qwest Actiontec router is "wireless-ready," how do I use it wirelessly?
2007-06-14: Why can't users download large files from my home-hosted web site?
2007-06-13: Meta Keywords, Microsoft Office, Geocities and Other Bad Bets
2005-10-10: GNU Mailman: mailing list software of the gods, but tricky to upgrade
2004-12-15: Publish What You Know
2004-12-07: DHTML Optimization On Broad Street
2004-09-16: Windows XP Service Pack 2 breaks form submissions in ShellExecute URLs
2004-08-29: MNG is dead, long live APNG
2004-08-20: First impressions: SuSE Linux Personal Edition 9.1
2004-05-06: How to stop phishing
2003-12-15: Famousness and Google
2003-12-07: Fixing the Famousness Problem
2003-12-04: Why You're Not Famous (Yet)