Linux Software Map: Amaya Sources

  • Version: 3.2
  • Entered-date: 2000-07-06
  • Description: The W3C editor/browser for the Web Amaya is a Web client that acts both as a browser and as an authoring tool. It has been designed with the primary purpose of being a testbed for experimenting and demonstrating new specifications and extensions of Web protocols and standards. Its main features include WYSIWYG editing, support for Cascading Style Sheets, full support of HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0, access to remote documents through HTTP, and publishing on Web servers using the PUT method. It supports various graphic formats (including PNG) and embedded MathML elements.
  • Keywords: Web editor browser HTML XML MathML CSS
  • Author:
  • Maintained-by:
  • Platforms: Linux ELF, X11R6. But also Windows and various Unixes.
  • Copying-policy: W3C Copyright
  • http:
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