Linux Software Map: LibReflex

  • Version: September 21, 1999
  • Entered-date: 1999-09-21
  • Description: Library & tools for dumping Borland Reflex flat-file databases. Loosely based on a Pascal version written by Joe Schrader. The Borland Reflex flat-file database DOS program is a very useful & easy-to-use tool for managing small amounts of data such as phone & address lists, book lists, home inventory, etc. Unfortunately, it's no longer available beyond DOS. Use this library and tools for dumping info from the database files, or for providing an interface to such files.
  • Keywords: Borland Reflex flat-file databases DOS
  • Author: (R.K. Owen, Ph.D.)
  • Maintained-by: (R.K. Owen, Ph.D.)
  • Platforms: Std C, Linux, little endian machines like Intel PCs.
  • Copying-policy: BSD
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