Linux Software Map: PRECCX

  • Version: 2.45f
  • Entered-date: 1998-12-18
  • Description: PRECCX is an infinite-lookahead compiler-compiler for context-dependent attributed grammars. It uses and produces ANSI C and is plug-compatible with lex/flex lexers. Tested on numerous platforms. Compiler-compilers aren't that easy to describe! Cf. yacc or bison. This is an intermediate public release of my development code in the 2.4* line. I normally make even numbered releases (2.44 was the last) and develop on odd numbers. But in this development line I introduced a couple of major internal code shifts that I feel need exposure without the blessing of a stable release number. The bugs are being found at a low but constant rate over months of internal testing, which indicates that more exposure is required. I can't find any more. The changes since last public release at 2.44 are aimed at object orientation and fast error recovery. I packaged everything into a structure ("self") that is passed by reference in all calls. As a result multiple instances of PRECCX parsers can now exist in C or C++ code without any cross-effects. This still isn't C++ code, but it's real close. On error, PRECCX parsers now jump back down the C call stack using an internal implementation of java-style try/catch. It might help worst case behaviour. If you wonder what the advantage of PRECCX is over yacc
  • is: and friends, it is: parameterized/context sensitive grammars, higher order "macros", arbitrary lookahead (yacc has 1-token lookahead), referential transparancy, ... in summary, it's just not the same technology. Substantial examples included.
  • (240KB)
  • Keywords: Compiler-Compiler ANSI C synthetic parameterized attribute grammar.
  • Author: (Peter T. Breuer)
  • Maintained-by: (Peter T. Breuer)
  • Platforms: ANSI C compiler (gcc preferred).
  • Copying-policy: GPL with GPLlib. Commercial maintenance licences available.
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