Linux Software Map: Pixcon/Anitroll/Gamgine

  • Version: 1.09
  • Entered-date: 1999-09-01
  • Description: Pixcon/Anitroll/Gamegine is a 3D rendering package that includes - a 3D renderer that supports 11 rendering primitives, mipmap/bilinear filtered 2D texturing, and 3D procedural textures - a kinematic and dynamic hiearchical based animation system - realtime sim/game development tools - graphical utilities and libraries - source code, manual, and examples
  • URL: URL:
  • 4.3/pixcon-109.tgz
  • Keywords: 3D graphics animation render linux win95 sgi game engine
  • Author: Alex W. Harper
  • ftp://sunsite.unc.eduincoming/Linux
  • Platforms: PC-Linux w/ gcc 2.7.2 or better and OpenGL/MesaGL lib PC-DOS 6.22 w/ VESA 2.0 support PC-Win95 DirectX 6.1 SGI-IRIX 6.5 w/ MipsPro CC or GNU g++/gcc compiler
  • Copying-policy: shareware
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