Linux Software Map: checksum - simple-minded checksum generating utility

  • Version: 0.1
  • Entered-date: 2000-03-26
  • Description: A "checksum" is a uniquely generated file signature, a rudimentary digital certificate of authenticity for that file. It is a number calculated from the file's own contents. Changing a single character in the file should result in a different check sum. This makes it easy to determine whether a file has been tampered with or altered. This "checksum" package may be used to ensure the integrity of any word list or text file in standard ASCII format, though it seems to also work with many files containing non-ASCII characters. By itself, it does not provide much protection against hacking, as it may be circumvented without a great deal of effort. However, it does have educational value and may be considered a starting point for more rigorous security.
  • 3.9k/
  • 1.5k/
  • Keywords: checksum security
  • Author: (Mendel Leo Cooper)
  • Maintained-by: (Mendel Leo Cooper)
  • Platforms: Linux Generic UNIX DOS
  • Copying-policy: PD (Public Domain)
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