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  • Version: 1.51
  • Entered-date: 1998-11-13
  • Description: Set of Linux fortunes for Italian users, based on the original fortune files distributed with bsd-games archive from NetBSD. contains a lot of quotations, jokes, etc., to be displayed every time a user logs in or a login shell is open. All fortunes are in Italian language, of course (if you don't know it, they are totally useless :-)). Some fortunes have been translated from original English/American fortune files; others have been added directly in Italian (they're "new
  • files:ies"). There are two fortune ASCII files: - `italia': it's the main file; - `zozzital': it's smaller, and contains sentences, jokes, etc., which might be offensive or insulting for someone (it is not coded ROT-13).
  • 1.7k/
  • (399k)
  • Keywords: amusements fortune fortunes games humor italy italian jokes login netbsd profile quotations translations
  • Author: (Mirko Caserta) (Andrea `Zuse' Balestrero)
  • Maintained-by: (Andrea `Zuse' Balestrero)
  • ftp:p://
  • Platforms: Any Linux distribution. `fortune' command required (for Slackware, it is contained in "Y" disk set). However, fortune files are in ASCII text/plain format (with end-lines in Unix style), readable by using any editor on any platform. Note that bsd-games don't run on Linux only, but on almost all Unixes where you can find a C compiler... does not even need it!
  • Copying-policy: Freeware
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