Linux Software Map: getdate

  • Version: 1.1
  • Entered-date: 1998-01-22
  • Description: Query an RFC 868 time server and adjust/set local date/time. Useful for querying and copying the date/time from other Internet hosts. Will work correctly across time zones. Uses the UNIX adjtime() call so that it can be safely set up as a cron job. Can reject hosts that respond slowly, or that vary too greatly from the local time. V1.1 fixes minor bugs and errors in the man page. 13kB /pub/Linux/system/network/misc/getdate-1.1.tar.gz 954 /pub/Linux/system/network/misc/getdate-1.1.lsm
  • Keywords: RFC-868 date time remote
  • Author: (Michael Hamilton)
  • Maintained-by: (Michael Hamilton)
  • Platforms: Most UNIX boxes.
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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