Linux Software Map: ncurses

  • Version: 4.1
  • Entered-date: 1997-05-05
  • Description: SVr4 and XSI-Curses compatible curses library and terminfo tools including tic, infocmp, captoinfo. The library can be configured to fall back to reading /etc/termcap for backward compatibility with BSD curses, but the distribution includes a copy of the master terminfo database. Supports color, multiple highlights, forms-drawing characters, and automatic recognition of keypad and function-key sequences. Extensions include resizable windows and mouse support on both xterm and Linux console using the gpm library. C++ binding (not supported) and example. Ada95 binding and examples. Includes man pages, test programs. Approved to replace 4.4BSD curses, June 1995.
  • ncurses-4.1.tar.gz/
  • Keywords: curses interface screen library
  • Author: (Zeyd Ben-Halim) (Thomas Dickey) (Eric S. Raymond) (Juergen Pfeifer)
  • Maintained-by: (Thomas Dickey) (Juergen Pfeifer)
  • Platforms: Portable to any ANSI/POSIX system.
  • Copying-policy: BSD-like.
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