Linux Software Map: rhupgrade

  • Version: 1.5
  • Entered-date: 1997-06-02
  • Description: The purpose of this Perl script is to help you in doing a hand upgrade from one version of a Redhat distribution (4.x or above) to a newer one. It requires the list of packages available in the distribution you are planing to upgrade to, and it will use, if you have it, the list of packages that were available for the current distribution you are running. From there, it will tell you which packages have new version and release numbers, which packages are exactly the same, and which packages are new (if you provided the list of old packages). It will also take into account the "contrib" RPMs installed on your system, and warn you of any possible clash with packages in the release you plan to upgrade to.
  • include:f the reasons for using this program include: wanting to upgrade only some packages, possibly without rebooting your system, having a list of what you can upgrade, and hand-picking the new packages you want to retrieve via ftp and upgrade, or just having an idea of what was upgraded in the new release.
  • 26.7kB/
  • Keywords: RedHat Upgrade RPM
  • Author: (Marc Merlin)
  • 26.8kB/
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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