Linux Software Map: wavplay/xltwavplay - WAV file Play & Record applications

  • Version: 1.0
  • Entered-date: 1997-04-14
  • Description: This package is a major upgrade for the currently popular wavplay and wavrec programs. The last submitted version was 0.22. The programs wavplay and wavrec have undergone a number of improvements, and bug fixes (almost a total rewrite). NEW with this release is the X based tool xltwavplay, which uses the MOTIF or LessTif libraries. The xltwavplay program operates in client/server fashion with wavplay so that the GUI interface does not hang, and leaves the user in full point and click control. Now you can point and click play/record WAV files with simple conveniance. You can PAUSE the playing, or override the sampling rates to generate raised or lowered voices to amuse your dog. Supports 8 or 16 bit samples, Mono or Stereo. The traditional wavplay support for locking semaphores is included in xltwavplay to avoid clashing with wavplay being run from a separate cron job or other process.
  • NOTE:E: You do not have to have X if you just want the wavplay/wavrec shell mode programs.
  • (58kB)
  • (1553)
  • Keywords: audio sound stereo control panel wav record play
  • Author: (Warren W. Gay VE3WWG) (Warren W. Gay VE3WWG)
  • Maintained-by: (Warren W. Gay VE3WWG)
  • Platforms: LINUX 1.2.13 or later, GCC 2.7.2
  • Copying-policy: GPL2
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