Linux Software Map: wp2latex

  • Version: 2.104
  • Entered-date: 2002-04-21
  • Description: WP2LaTeX is a program for conversion WordPerfect documents to LaTeX. There are currently supported conversions from WP3.x, WP4.x, WP5.x and WP6,7,8.x. It is possible to convert a
  • example: lot of features. For example: Centered+Right+Left text, Endnotes, Formulas, Footers, Footnotes, Headers, Indentings, Tables, a lot of Extended characters (greek, math, cyrilic) and of course a normal text. But do not expect miracles!
  • http: (may be disabled after 2000) 2148kB
  • Keywords: Word Perfect LaTeX latex TeX tex Word Processing, Convertor
  • Author: (Jaroslav Fojtik) (R.C. Houtepen)
  • Maintained-by: or (Jaroslav Fojtik) ( old Email )
  • ftp://anyCTAN
  • ftp: and other mirrors of this site
  • ftp://CTANarchive
  • Platforms: Linux, MsDOS, OS/2, Windows, Solaris (or you could to port it)
  • Copying-policy: GPL + cardware
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