Linux Software Map: David Tait's PIC Programmer (Linux Port)

  • Version: 0.6 (unofficial, based on 0.4)
  • Entered-date: 2001-07-14
  • Description: This program allows compiled machine code to be uploaded to an Arizona Microchip PIC 16x84 microcontroller
  • http:tp:// via easy-to-build hardware. This is an unofficial Linux port of David Tait's original (unmaintained) software, with added support for the "official" AN589 programmer. It is known to build under Linux (with gcc) and DOS/Windows (with BC 3.1)
  • (67kB)
  • Keywords: arizona microchip pic programmer 16c84 16f84 16x84 david tait an589
  • Author: (David Tait) (Chris Wilson)
  • Maintained-by: (Chris Wilson)
  • Platforms: Linux, DOS/Windows (no GUI)
  • Copying-policy: Not for profit
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