Linux Software Map: AFsp

  • Version: 1.12
  • Entered-date: 1996-04-24
  • Description: The AFsp package is a library of routines for reading and writing audio files. The emphasis is on providing support for the type of audio file used by the speech processing research community. The routines have been designed to be easy to use, yet provide transparent support the reading of several audio file formats. A secondary purpose for distributing these routines is to encourage the use of a standard audio file format for the header information in the output files.
  • Formats:File Formats: The following file formats are supported for reading. - Headerless audio files - Sun audio files - RIFF WAVE files - AIFF/AIFF-C audio files - NIST SPHERE audio files - IRCAM soundfiles - INRS-Telecom audio files - ESPS sampled data feature files The following file formats are supported for writing. - Headerless audio files - AFsp (Sun) audio files - RIFF WAVE files - AIFF-C audio files
  • ftp://TSP.EE.McGill.CA/pub/AFsp
  • ftp://TSP.EE.McGill.CA/pub/AFsp/AFsp-V1R12.tar.Z (458257)
  • Keywords: AFsp sound audio files library converter
  • Author: kabal@TSP.EE.McGill.CA
  • (301530)
  • Platforms: Linux.
  • Copying-policy: Freely Redistributable
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