Linux Software Map: AMD AM53/79C974 PCI SCSI driver

  • Version: 0.3
  • Entered-date: 1995-04-18
  • Description: This is an alpha SCSI driver for the AM53C974 and AM79C974 PCI SCSI chips. It was tested on a Compaq XL-566 which has the AM79C974 on the the mainboard. Apply the patch file AM53C974.03 to a clean linux source with "patch -p0 < AM53C974.03" A Linux kernel 1.2.0 for the Compaq XL is included. (file zImage)
  • (289294)
  • Keywords: SCSI driver AM53C974 AM79C974 PCI Compaq XL ZEOS
  • Author: (Dieter Frieauff)
  • Maintained-by: (Dieter Frieauff)
  • Platforms: Linux 1.2.x (0-5 OK)
  • Copying-policy: Copyright (C) 1995 Dieter Frieauff GNU General Public License version
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