Linux Software Map: APRIL (Agent Process Interaction Language)

  • Version: 3.9
  • Entered-date: 1998-09-09
  • Description: APRIL is a symbolic programming language that is designed for writing mobile, distributed and agent-based systems especially in an Internet environment. It has advance features such as a macro sub-language, asynchronous message sending and receiving, code mobility, pattern matching, higher-order functions and strong typing. The language is compiled to byte-code which is then interpreted by the APRIL runtime-engine. More information about the APRIL programming language is available from:
  • 1.97/april-3.9-5.i386.rpm
  • 2.06/april-3.9-5.i386.tgz
  • (1KB)
  • Keywords: Programming Language Agents Distributed Systems Mobile Agents
  • Author: (Francis G. McCabe)
  • Maintained-by: (Francis G. McCabe)
  • Platforms: Linux 2.x on i386, Solaris 2.x on SPARC
  • Copying-policy: Subject to Imperial College London licensing agreement; Free for non-commercial development but not redistributable without prior consent.
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