Linux Software Map: Angband

  • Version: 2.5.8
  • Entered-date: 1994-08-11
  • Description: The latest version of Unix Angband. Fixes most known bugs. Linux compatibility is now built in to the code. This is a Dungeons and Dragons like game in the spirit of "rogue" and "hack". Very heavily Tolkien-influenced. Hundreds of unique artifacts and monsters. This game has a long history, a descendant of Moria by Robert Alan Koenige. Andy Astrand and Sean Cutler hacked it into Angband. Chuck Swiger cleaned up the code a lot. Pete Berger added Linux (and NetBSD, IBM RT) compatibility. A C compiler, preferably gcc 2.5.7 or later. the "ncurses" package.
  • (449964K)
  • Keywords: Angband Moria Rogue Tolkien Games RPG
  • Author: ( Chuck Swiger, ported by Pete Berger)
  • Maintained-by: ( the Angband Development Team)
  • Copying-policy: May be copied and modified freely, but may not
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