Linux Software Map: Arbitrary precision C-like programmable calculator

  • Version: 2.9.3t8
  • Entered-date: 1994-08-11
  • Description: Calc is a programmable calculator that uses a C-like language. It handles arbitrarily large integers, fractions, and complex numbers. It has matrices, lists, strings, and user-defined "objects". There are many built-in functions such as sin, cos, exp, fact, fib, gcd, and primality testing. There is also a library of functions written in the calculator language. The low-level arbitrary precision routines are built into a library so that they can be called from your own C programs. The version of the calculator stored on sunsite is an exact copy of an official version from There are no modifications required to compile it for Linux. Check the site occasionally for new versions of calc. No binaries are provided since they are larger than the source. Runs on almost any flavor of UNIX. Most 32 or 64 bit machines, both little and bit endian. No assembly code required. Self-configuring.
  • (293Kcalc2.9.3t7.tar.gz,)
  • Keywords: calculator language bignum math
  • Author: ( David I. Bell)
  • Maintained-by: ( Landon C. Noll)
  • Copying-policy: Copyrighted, but may be used, distributed, or modified
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