Linux Software Map: C-Kermit

  • Version: 6.0.192
  • Entered-date: 1999-01-17
  • Description: Portable, cross-platform communications software providing a
  • communications:proach to modem and network communications: automatic dialing, dialing and network directories, terminal connection, fast error-free file transfer, character-set translation, numeric and alpha paging, and automation of all tasks with a powerful and easy-to-use script programming language. Version 6.0 released 6 September 1996. Version 7.0 in preparation; check website for latest news.
  • ftp:p://
  • Keywords: kermit protocol file transfer communications pager telnet, rlogin, modem, scripting
  • ftp://Nonerecommended
  • Platforms: All Linux, All UNIX, VMS, VOS, AOS/VS, many others
  • Copying-policy: Must be licensed for redistribution; see:
  • http:p://
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