Linux Software Map: CU-SEEME reflector for Linux

  • Version: 2.30b1
  • Entered-date: 1994-07-27
  • Description: CU-SEEME is an experimental visual confrenceing system for the Internet that is being developed at Cornell U. This program acts as a server for CU-SEEME clients, reflecting the pictures sent by clients to all the other clients. Needed some fixing for Linux, which means that the orginal of this will NOT work w/ Linux without patching some of the code. The clients for this program only work on Mac's and PC's running windows. I know of no X clients unfortunately. It's a back-bone breaker! =) Any network equipped Linux box, Sun, or Sparc station plus others. Just about any unix really.
  • (75524)
  • Keywords: network video reflector
  • Author: ( John Lynn)
  • Maintained-by: ( John Lynn)
  • Copying-policy: Freeware, can copy and freely distribute.
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