Linux Software Map: Diskquotas for Linux

  • Version: 1.33
  • Entered-date: 1994-06-16
  • Description: This package contains diffs and programs to have diskquotas on your filesystems. Its has the uses teh same interface as the BSD quota-system and uses ported BSD commands as much as possible. This is the 7th release of the quota-stuff which is more or less as stable as can be. At least a 1.1.13+ kernel because the patches work only for the new tty-drivers. The patchfile included is one big diff-file that also includes the accountingpatches that work with the GNU-accounting utils.
  • (~60Kb)
  • Keywords: quota diskquota processaccounting acct
  • Author: ( Marco van Wieringen)
  • Maintained-by: ( Marco van Wieringen)
  • Copying-policy: BSD Copyright for the ported BSD commands and GNU GPL for the new
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