Linux Software Map: DragonLinux/UMSDOS/RECOVERY (DL/UR)

  • Version: v0.09 (first version)
  • Entered-date: 1998-01-25
  • Description: A barebones UMSDOS based distribution of Linux meant as a replacement for recovery disks. Simply use LOADLIN to boot from the UMSDOS based installation and use fsck and other simple tools without swapping diskettes. Comes as a single 2.8MB ZIP file. Just unzip it on a DOS partition and run it. (Grab the dlur009.exe and dlur009.r00 RAR SFX files for floppy sized chunks)
  • Keywords: dragon linux recovery umsdos boot diskette
  • Author: (Bruce A. Locke)
  • Maintained-by: (Bruce A. Locke)
  • Platforms: ms-dos, linux 2.0.30, umsdos
  • Copying-policy: equal to that of "normal" linux distributions
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