Linux Software Map: IRCIT, Internet Relay Chat client

  • Version: 0.2
  • Entered-date: 1998-05-20
  • Description: IRCIT (IRC for the Information Terrorists) is a non-trivial, full-featured, text-mode, macro-extensible modern IRC client. It features sophisticated, high quality GUI system and scripting language, syntax of which is 99% C-like. The basic IRC protocol is mosltly implemented plus many implementation-specific details. There is also built-in party-line, accessible via telnet with some basic commands. IRCIT allows you to access any text-based server and in the same time benefit from the editting capabilities and history support. IRCIT can be detached from your terminal and run in the background with the ability to resume your session later. Plus many more interesting details.
  • Keywords: IRC IRCIT chat party-line DCC fpl
  • Author: Ayman Akt,
  • Maintained-by: Ayman Akt,
  • irc/ircit-0.2.tgz/
  • Platforms: Unix (Linux), GNUC, ncurses
  • Copying-policy: Open-source
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