Linux Software Map: ImgScale

  • Version: 2.8.14
  • Entered-date: 2004-11-06
  • Description: ImgScale ia a console C++ application that scales TIFF,JPEG,PPM,PGM,TGA and BMP images. Command line wild-cards are allowed Also produces JPEG Thumbnails to fit to a square of user defined size. The output image file will be either TIFF or JPEG depending on the -q option. In case -q is set to 0 as in "-q0" or -q is not used, the output will be a tiff file, which may be optionally compressed using the -c option. The Output TIFFs are bicubicly scaled, JPEG output formats ( -t option) are just subsampled/resampled. ( compare with Photoshop ) ImgScale Uses included libWM library. w2000 GUI version is available as well.
  • Keywords: Graphics convert Image manipulation
  • Author: Wenny Macura
  • Maintained-by: Wenny Macura
  • ftp://(passwordany
  • Platforms: originally compiled with gcc version 3.2.2
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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