Linux Software Map: Kernel Configuration Utility

  • Version: 2.00
  • Entered-date: 1995-01-15
  • Description: Kernel Configuration Utility (KCU) is a set of shell scripts that uses a gentler user interface via check/radio lists dialogs to reconfigure the kernel. A summary of configuration changes is shown before the changes are actually commited, with plenty of escape routes on the way. An extensive context-sensitive help is (optionally) displayed as changes are issued.
  • changes:n 2.00 includes the following enhancements and changes:
  • upgrade:r upgrade: KCU now knows how to configure sound cards, and remembers sound settings.
  • Enhancement:hancement: A fairly extensive context sensitive HELP system that covers all parameters and includes the parameter description as well as a setting recommendation.
  • Enhancement:or Enhancement: Installation script to let the old configure live side by side with kcu. - SwitchConfig companion script to easily switch between configuration utilities.
  • Change:nge: There are systems with TWO or more SCSI cards, no kidding! SCSI radio list changed to a checklist. Version 2.01 fixes a small but nasty bug in the RUNME.Install script.
  • kcu200.tgz/
  • kcu200.lsm/
  • Keywords: kernel configuration dialogs version 2.00
  • Author: (Ido Bar-Tana)
  • Maintained-by: (Ido Bar-Tana)
  • Platforms: Linux, requires dialog ver 0.4+
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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