Linux Software Map: LAPACK v2.0 library for Linux ELF

  • Version: v2.0.1
  • Entered-date: 1996-02-06
  • Description: ELF shared library distribution of the LAPACK FORTRAN numerical methods library for Linux. The library was compiled using g77 0.5.17 / gcc 2.7.2. Test outputs are included for interest. A static and an ELF shared version of the FORTRAN BLAS library are also supplied. A factor of two performance boost is seen compared to version 2.0 (compiled with f2c).
  • Keywords: lapack fortran numerical methods
  • Author: (Ported by Dave Weber from sources by Jack Dongarra et al)
  • Maintained-by: Linux port maintained by Jakob Schiotz (
  • Platforms: Linux x86 (this library), most others for the source.
  • Copying-policy: There is no copyright policy for LAPACK or this library.
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