Linux Software Map: Linux-conio.h

  • Version: 1.02
  • Entered-date: 1997-03-09
  • Description: This is a mostly complete implementation of the conio.h for Linux - it was developed to make porting text based DOS applications to Linux easier. It implements all port I/O commands defined in Watcom's conio.h and almost all other I/O commands defined in
  • including: Borland's conio.h (including: keyboard input, formatted screen output, colors, windows...) using the curses library. This release has some bug fixes and the possibilty to use curses functions mixed with conio functions.
  • Keywords: conio.h curses port inp outp screen I/O
  • Author: (Gerald Friedland [Fractor/MXP])
  • Maintained-by: (Gerald Friedland)
  • Copying-policy: GLPL 2
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