Linux Software Map: LuxMan precompiled binaries

  • Version: 0.41
  • Entered-date: 1995-03-29
  • Description: A maze game for Linux, similar to the `Pac Man' arcade game. Uses svgalib (not X) and has sound support.
  • Features:s: Easy customization (add/modify levels, mazes, bitmaps, sounds, colors, etc.) without recompiling, multiple skill levels, digitized sound, VT switching. This is the binary distribution. You DO NOT need the source distribution if you get this file.
  • (268kb)
  • Keywords: game video svgalib sound arcade pacman
  • Author: (Frank McIngvale) (Bruce Tenison)
  • Maintained-by: (Frank McIngvale)
  • Platforms: Linux 1.1.50 or greater; VGA card supporting 320x200x256 (Optional) soundcard capable of playback at either 11kHz or 8kHz
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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