Linux Software Map: Mancala

  • Version: 0.7
  • Entered-date: 1995-08-03
  • Description: Implementation of the simple board game called Mancala. Contains both a user unfriendly characterbased interface,
  • warned: nice, user friendly X11-interface. Be warned: If you just bother to read the rules, you may get hooked on this!
  • mancala-0.7.tar.gz/
  • Keywords: game mancala minimax
  • Author: (Sverre H. Huseby) (Glenn Terje Lines)
  • Platforms: For X11-interface, Xlib and XForms are required. If you don't have XForms, get it! It's available from the following
  • sites:s:
  • ftp:p://
  • ftp:p://
  • Copying-policy: Copy and use as you wish; just leave the authors' names where you find them.
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