Linux Software Map: Minix disk editor/viewer + fsck improvem

  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: This allows you to view the Minix fs (a la Norton disk edit), it currently is read only, but you can use it to dump an erased file to another partition with a little bit of work. Includes LaTeX Introduction to the Minix fs. fsck enhancements. search features. Still needs a lot of work and a lot of it could be automated to make most file recovery easy if detected at an early stage. Included binary and source. Also includes improved fsck and mkfs for Minix fs. 93185 fsck-lde-2.0.1.tgz
  • Keywords: unerase recover edit Minix
  • Author: (Scott D. Heavner) 93185 fsck-lde-2.0.1.tgz
  • Copying-policy: Gnu
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