Linux Software Map: Mod plays music stored in various 'module'-formats.

  • Version: 0.81
  • Entered-date: 1995-11-04
  • Description: mod is a player for music created by the Amiga Protracker
  • are:d other similar composers. Supported formats are: MOD (15/31-instrument, up to 32 voices), MTM, ULT and S3M.
  • mod-v0.81.tgz/
  • Keywords: music audio sound Ultrasound GUS VoxWare MOD MTM ULT S3M
  • Author: (Mikael Nordqvist) (Mikael Nordqvist)
  • Platforms: Gravis Ultrasound soundcard VoxWare sounddriver >= 3.0 Linux kernel >= 1.2.0 Ncurses >= 1.8.5, preferably >= 1.9.3 (optional) Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6 or (preferably) newer (optional)
  • Copying-policy: GNU General Public License 2 + credit where credit is due
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