Linux Software Map: Modula-3

  • Version: SRC 3.5.4-B
  • Entered-date: 1995-12-22
  • Description: Compiler, tools and libraries for the Modula-3 language. The tools include a debugger, coverage analyzer, other performance analysis tools, Algorithms animations, Distributed Obliq interpreter, Web Browser... The libraries cover the basic containers, platform independant system/file/network access, user interface design, network objects, stable objects, 2D and 3D animations, embedded command language and more. Modula-3 is a safe, simple and efficient object oriented language. It includes modules and interfaces, exceptions, threads, generics, objects and garbage collection. The Linux binaries are divided in 6 files (compiler and basic libraries, user interface, network objects, ...). They untar into /usr/local/modula3-3.5.4-B and contain a lot of documentation in the html subdirectory.
  • Keywords: Modula Object Oriented Threads Garbage Collection Exception User Interface Network Object Persistent Object
  • Author: DEC Systems Research Center
  • Maintained-by: Michel Dagenais
  • ftp://gatekeeper.dec.compub/DEC/Modula-3/
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows NT, SPARC, DEC3100, DEC Alpha, HPUX, SGI, RS/6000...
  • Copying-policy: BSD like plus some GNU COPYLEFT components (modified gcc/gdb). The source code for the modified GNU programs is freely available from the original site.
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