Linux Software Map: Moscow ML

  • Version: 2.00 of June 2000
  • Entered-date: 2000-08-03
  • Description: A light-weight implementation of full Standard ML'97, including Modules and some extensions. Standard ML is a strict functional language used in teaching and research. Moscow ML is based on the Caml Light system, with fast compilation and modest storage consumption. Version 2.00 implements the full SML Modules language (structures, signatures, and functors), and several
  • language: extensions to the SML Modules language: higher-order functors, first-class modules, and recursive modules. Yet it faithfully implements the SML Modules language as a sublanguage, and remain backwards compatible with previous releases. It provides installable prettyprinters, implements large parts of the new SML Basis Library, can produce compact stand-alone executables, supports quotations and antiquotations. It provides dynamic linking with C libraries. Interfaces to PostgreSQL, MySQL, regex, Boutell's GD image library (PNG), GNU gdbm, sockets, and Unix processes, are included. The package includes extensive documentation (in PDF) of the language, the interactive system and the batch compiler, and the libraries.
  • (2068kB)
  • (2265kB)
  • Keywords: Standard ML SML Basis Library functional language implementation, bytecode interpreter
  • Author: (Sergei Romanenko) (Claudio Russo) (Peter Sestoft) Based on the CAML Light system by (Xavier) (Damien Doligez) with contributions from Doug Currie (
  • Maintained-by: (Sergei Romanenko) (Peter Sestoft)
  • Copying-policy: GPL; but more restrictive INRIA copyright on runtime sources.
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