Linux Software Map: NTeX - A TeX distribution for Linux

  • Version: 1.3
  • Entered-date: 1994-11-20
  • Description: NTeX is a TeX distribution containing TeX, MF, BibTeX etc. from the web2c sources, xfig, MakeIndex, GLOTeX IDXTeX, xdvik, dvipsk, dviljk, texinfo, ... all programs use kpathsea 2.4
  • Formats:s: plain TeX, extended plain TeX, AMSTeX, PicTeX, LaTeX2e (including AMSLaTeX, BABEL, SLITeX, ...), arabic, Devanagari, Greek, Hebrew, HieroTeX, Tamil, Turkish, Thai, ...
  • Fonts:s: Sauter Computer Modern Fonts, DC (European fonts), fc (African fonts), ...
  • (17MB)
  • Keywords: ntex tex metafont latex amstex web2c typesetting
  • Author: (Karl Berry) (Pehong Chen) (Brian V. Smith) Donald Knuth Leslie Lamport Johannes Braams David Carlisle Alan Jeffrey Frank Mittelbach Chris Rowley ... see the files AUTHORS, README and COPYING in the packages for more
  • Maintained-by: (Frank Langbein)
  • Platforms: xdvi needs ghostscript to display epsf files and postscript fonts.
  • Copying-policy: Mainly GPL, for details refer to the notices in the single packages. Everything is freely distributable as long as the notices are left intact and the contents of some files are not changed.
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