Linux Software Map: PV-WAVE CL for Linux

  • Version: 5.0
  • Entered-date: 1995-01-24
  • Description: PV-WAVE combines advanced graphics, flexible data access, numerics and statistics in one integrated analysis environment -- empowering you to quickly and effectively explore, visualize, and solve even your most difficult data and equation based problems. PV-WAVE's interactive array- oriented 4GL analyzes and displays you data as you enter commands, eliminating the time-consuming compile, link and debug cycles required by traditional 3GL development tools like C or FORTRAN. And because the command language is designed specifically to analyze data, you can reduce your The LINUX version of PV-WAVE does not require a softkey, but a time bomb has been set in the code and will expire April 19, 1995. Your input is an important part of the market research. Please fill out the attached questionnaire and e-mail your response.
  • 3.2/wave_bin.linux.tar.gz
  • 12.3/wave_demo.linux.tar.gz
  • 1.0/wave_prog.linux.tar.gz
  • 6.9/wave_map.linux.tar.gz
  • 3.5/wave_docs.linux.tar.gz
  • Keywords: wave visual numerics visualization data analysis
  • Maintained-by: Christopher Joslyn, Lubos Pochman,
  • Platforms: Linux 1.0.9, XFree86
  • Copying-policy: Copyright (c) 1995, Visual Numerics, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PV-WAVE for Linux may be freely copied and used, but note the time bomb for the product.
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