Linux Software Map: Resource Standard Metrics

  • Version: 5.33
  • Entered-date: 2000-02-18
  • Description: RSM performs metrics and quality checks on C, C++ and Java source code. RSM creates reports in HTML format for ease of reading on any browser for any operating system. File names are hyper-linked for simple code browsing when an error is found. RSM's portability allows a company to standardize their metrics collection across operating systems and languages. RSM performs metrics differentials between code base lines and identifies which files have change (code line percent), removed added and remained the same. RSM provides productivity measures for project estimation. The product enforces style, checks for errors that compilers miss and determines metrics such as Lines of Code, effective lines of code, complexity, comment content, key word content, C to C++ compatibility. RSM checks over 50 common problems with code that compilers never identify. Available on any UNIX platform
  • (5M)
  • Keywords: C C++ Java Source Code Quality Metrics
  • Author: (M Squared Technologies)
  • Maintained-by: 5 M rsm.tar.gz 5 M rsm.tar.gz
  • Platforms: Any UNIX operating system, Win9x, Win-NT, Win2000 Any gcc compatible system
  • Copying-policy: Shareware Licensed Distribution
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