Linux Software Map: SLab Recording Studio Software

  • Version: 2.20.1
  • Entered-date: 1998-05-06
  • Description: SLab Direct to Disk Recording Studio. 64 track mixing with 64-16-8-4-2 configuration. Per track digital dynamics and digital filters. Stereo bus groupings, VU metering, continuous controller recording (mixdown sessions). 16 Effects send busses with stereo effects API, FX chaining, signal level trimming, bus/FX bypass. Includes echo, reverb, flange, phase, chorus, leslie, valve, compressor, limitor, stereographic EQ, etc. Wave editor, cut/copy/paste/fade/reverse/etc, n-undo backout edit support, sample loop previewing, freehand wave painting, zero cross detection, metronomic bar/beat and SMPTE frame selection editing. Full tape spooling, location memories, SMPTE counters. Up to 16 IO channels (8 Stereo devs), with both input and output noise reduction processing, audio data compression to disk, audio metronome. TCL/TK 8.0 based "drag and drop" user interface. MultiProcessing/shared memory mix engine. Kernel requires SYSV_IPC, OSS 3.5.4/k2.0 for half duplex, OSS 3.8/k2.1 for (GUS MAX, etc) full duplex, OSS/Linux 3.8/k2.1 for SoundBlaster full duplex.
  • (2496kb)
  • (2kb)
  • Keywords: audio mixer DSP effects multitrack TCL TK Linux direct-to-disk recording
  • Author: (Nick Copeland)
  • Maintained-by: (Nick Copeland)
  • Platforms: Linux ELF, binary distribution only.
  • Copying-policy: Shareware
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