Linux Software Map: SNAPIX X11/Motif user interface and application generator

  • Version: 3.1.9 Special Edition Linux (SEL)
  • Entered-date: 1996-05-22
  • Description: Snapix is based on a complete, typed, structured, event driven,
  • offers:t oriented language which offers: ease of use, wellknown C syntax (no lengthy learning curve), short development cycle, very scalable and maintainable, small memory and disk footprint, fast execution speed, high reliability.
  • includes:kage includes: an advanced, structured, object oriented language, a graphics editor which generates Snapix source code, an interpreter/compiler, a runtime/driver for standalone application usage,
  • documentation:tation: ref. manual, installation and user guides (poscript files), and online hypertext help. With the Snapix editor it is easy to define the visual appearance of an application. All the chores associated with specifying the graphical interface, e.g. designing input forms and dialog boxes, positioning command buttons, selecting fonts, etc. are quick and simple to perform. Snapix avoids you to learn and master X11/Motif programming. So now as a developer you have no need to familiarize yourself with the underlying graphics, nor to specify when memory requested by the graphics library should be freed, nor to know how the graphics tree is made up. Snapix takes care of all of these aspects and more, leaving you free to concentrate on the design of your application.
  • 3.2/snapix_3.1.9.tar.gz
  • 2.3/snapix.lsm
  • Keywords: X11 Motif GUI graphics graphic application object programming language, graphic editor, event driven, object language, code editor, compiler, interpreter, development tool, application generator
  • Author: (ADNT staff)
  • Maintained-by: (ADNT staff)
  • Platforms: Intel 386+ (486 or Pentium recommended) 8 MB of ram min (16 MB recommended) 10-15 MB of disk space Linux 1.2.8 or later and XFree86
  • Copying-policy: personal use (nonprofit, noncommercial) and education read package embedded COPYRIGHTS file before usage.
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