Linux Software Map: TN-Image image analysis program

  • Version: 2.6.7c
  • Entered-date: 1998-05-20
  • Description: Scientific image viewing and analysis program. Create, edit, label, rotate, annotate, analyze, and color print images in numerous formats from 1-32 bits/pixel, including medical grayscale, 3D PET scan images, and custom formats. Handles 512 images simultaneously in separate windows or in a single large window. Performs filtering, format conversion, image algebra, measurement and calibration, 2D-FFT, convolution and deconvolution, densitometry of rectangular or arbitrary-shaped areas. Automatic background subtraction using fuzzy k-means, peak area calculation, smart object detection, and other advanced functions. Pixel values can be viewed and edited in spreadsheet. Image editing features including zoom, warp, gradient flood fill, movies, Bezier curves, chromakey, transparency, multiple fonts, rotated text, arrows, sprayable math and filtering, and graphically-editable colormaps. Has built-in HP SCSI scanner interface; other scanners and cameras are supported with external drivers. Camera interface allows live image accumulation, dark current subtraction, and post-processing. New image analysis features are easily added with plugins. Has user-definable buttons and programmable macro language. Includes tutorials, sample plugin code and 144-page manual. 1718525 tnimage-2.6.7c.irix.tar.gz 2081536 tnimage-2.6.7c.linux.lesstif.tar.gz 2526700 tnimage-2.6.7c.linux.static.tar.gz 1589943 tnimage-2.6.7c.linux.tar.gz 498761 tnimage-2.6.7c.manual.dvi.tar.gz 1040222 tnimage-2.6.7c.manual.html.tar.gz 668233 1616907 tnimage-2.6.7c.solaris.tar.gz 1106840 tnimage-2.6.7c.src.tar.gz 477423
  • Keywords: image FFT densitometry scan deconvolution graphics filtering scanner camera
  • Author: (Thomas J. Nelson)
  • Maintained-by: (Thomas J. Nelson)
  • Platforms: Linux, SGI Irix, Solaris, ConvexOS, or MS-DOS. Requires Motif 1.2 or higher (except for Linux versions which require Motif 2.0) and X11R5 or higher. Static versions do not require Motif.
  • Copying-policy: Freely distributable
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