Linux Software Map: Tcsh - an enhanced C shell

  • Version: 6.04
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: Tcsh is an enhanced C shell with command line editing, programmable filename completion and much, much more. This package contains a binary and some documentation. The tcsh source code is located at /pub/tcsh and actively maintained by the original author, Christos Zoulas ( Direct Non-Linux specific queries there 177635 none required, the changes are included
  • Keywords: csh tcsh shell
  • Author: Mika.Liljeberg@cs.Helsinki.FI (Mika Liljeberg)
  • Maintained-by: Mika.Liljeberg@cs.Helsinki.FI 177635 none required, the changes are included
  • Copying-policy: Berkeley Copyright [free but Copyright must be retained]
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