Linux Software Map: Thrust

  • Version: 0.89f
  • Entered-date: 2006-01-29
  • Description: The object of the game is to steal the Klystron Pod from the bottom of a cave so that the resistance can power the captured starships. However, the Empire have a defence in the form of Limpet Guns, which are powered by a Nuclear Power Plant.
  • http: See for more info.
  • thrust-0.89f.lsm/
  • thrust-0.89f.tar.gz/
  • Keywords: GGI X11 SVGAlib Win32 DirectX game space gravity mechanics
  • Author: (Peter Ekberg)
  • Platforms: GGI - Various X - Linux, SunOS 4.1, Solaris 2.4/2.5/8/9/10, HP-UX 10.20, Irix 4.0.5, OSF1 4.0, AIX 4.2, OpenBSD 2.0/3.8, Ultrix 4.5 and MacOS X 10.5. Very likely others as well. Win32/DirectX 3.0 - Windows NT 4.0 SP 3, Windows 95/98. SVGALib - Linux Supports 8 bits per pixel pseudocolor visuals only, but GGI provides emulation for other visuals.
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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